word of the Lord:

Word of the Lord: I hear the Lord saying that He is raising up an army of Generals in this place. He is raising up an army of Generals in this place. But take it not light of the assignment I have given you. For much change shall come in the world because of your obedience to the call. Because of your obedience much change has taken place in the atmosphere, in the heavens. Because of your obedience many breakthroughs shall come. Because of your obedience yokes have been destroyed. Because of your obedience many are able to hear and to see. Because of your obedience. But take it not lightly. But take it not light, says the Lord. --Apostle Anatha at our Come to the Fountain TV recording conference July 11, 2015. --Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev., General




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Sincerely, Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev., General